Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pursuit Of A Worthy Ideal - Camping Without Crisis

Many vacations go awry for no good reason, this one went right for many good reasons.

Our family had a great time camping with a bunch of other families mainly from our kids' school. What made it so perfect was that each kid had several friends, a lot of open range upon which to roam, and an incredible amount of sugar to fuel all sorts of mayhem.

We camped at Cove Palisades State Park near Madras, Oregon. Despite some chilly weather and rain, the kids were sad when the party ended.

The best events are those that put people together with lots of time to socialize in an unstructured manner. Both kids were independent in that they wanted to hang with their group and not be shackled by dull and slow-witted parents.

The parents were thrilled to be able to carry on all sort of adult conversations without interruption, even doing some of the talking sitting down (!).

Very few meltdowns to report. Some conflict erupted over the ice cream truck, which made rounds through the campsite twice a day.

We will not hesitate to involve all the usual suspects for our next outing.

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