Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time-consuming Project For Parents That May Be Worth It

Kids love pictures of themselves, as most people do.
I'm a scrapbooker. There, I said it.

I take photos of my kids and random crap and paste it into books. I'll even use a scissors and cut stuff up. In the past I drew and wrote with a pen.

Why? One of the maternity nurses said it was a good thing to do. And like the over-earnest new parent I once was, I blindly follow advice as long as it is given by a credentialed professional no matter how stupid.

Although the kids don't actively appreciate the books, I catch them from time to time paging through them with a remote look. Each child has his/her own book(s).

The nurse explained when the children go away to college the books should accompany them as a reminder of ...(forgot, damn!). The kids most likely will leave the albums on the ground in the front entryway on their departure for higher education as a defiant statement that they will remain true to their beliefs.

Anyway, after a decade I continue to maintain the albums out of stubbornness, that and the hope that if the albums ever were transported to Europe, perhaps France, I would be hailed as some kind of genius. C'est la vie!

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