Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who Are Your Kids?

Tschäggättä, costumed figure, during Carnival in Lötschental/Switzerland. Courtesy New York Times
A large challenge facing me as a parent is to determine how hard to push certain issues. Lately I have been realizing that I have a mental picture of who my children are and the thought remains that this picture does not reflect reality.

Will my kids wear ripped jean jackets and have piercings? Play lacrosse or chess? Go to a liberal arts college or cooking school?

I tell myself all these options are okay if they are chosen for the right reasons -- genuine interest on the part of the kid, rather than rebellion from ridiculous overbearing helicopter parents.

I want my kids to be happy. But a true happiness that comes from full engagement in life -- work, social life, recreation.

 There is no correct answer to these questions. I hope that by keeping myself aware of this issue I can allow more possibilities to enter my mind. Cooking school could mean a well-prepared meal.

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