Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Mood Depends On My Computer (What kids?)

The jokesters at Linux figured that after 24 hours best use a calendar to measure the download time.
I have often used a Linux box, but those days are gone in large part because said box antiquated itself by not growing a faster processor and more RAM.

I have purchased a new PC and am in a crappy mood because five years of programs and settings haven't lept from one tower to the next. Power, power, power --that's what it's all about.
That and Gang-nam Style! Here's an example of what is cheering me up -- daughter's favorite Psy video still.
Mad raps can occur anywhere! (At least in Korea).
Changes are coming to the quaint hamlet of Portdaddia-Town. Soon I'll be uploading these posts faster by a factor of three.

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