Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night

Lesson learned: activism can be fun.
One of the nice things about living on the West Coast is that election night need not preclude the usual bedtime. Like a fairytale, NBC called Ohio and the election at 8:20 pm or so, and we went crazy. Sure it was tough to calm down, but in the end some rest was had.

Watching the election results come in was educational in a very compelling way, reinforcing the idea of how the electoral college works, percentage of vote counted, what things a candidate can do to derail a campaign, and generally why politics matters.

Popcorn and serious analysis.
LSS and myself were in full geek mode, watching NBC through the Xbox which was interesting in that Xbox Live asked survey questions during the coverage on the lower edge of the screen, giving instant polling responses. Example: "Should gay marriage be allowed?" If you answered you would immediately see the percentages of respondents who said yes, no, or undecided. Generally, Xbox Live respondents were Democrats.

LSS had two devices going, a phone and iPad, while I ran the Xbox and my phone. Between Twitter, Facebook, the TV, and a few texts to my brother in Ohio, the information and quip overload was glorious.    

We watched Stephen Cobert's show to end a perfect evening.

The opening sequence was excellent.

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