Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Circle of Life

Ski hill as metaphor.
In school my daughter has been reading "Tuck Everlasting," (1975) a novel by Natalie Babbitt. The work deals with themes of immortality and the circle of life. A homework project was to create one's own circle of life.

I didn't read the book, nor did I understand exactly what the objective of the project was. Still, as the Guy Who Does Stuff, I happily joined the project, being told the teacher had approved making a miniature ski hill as a circle of life project.

I like the idea of a ski hill as a metaphor for life, as everyone has moments of difficulty (riding the chair up) and moments of joy (wheeee!).

As for the notion of immortality, my daughter's idea was that the immortals would be consigned to eternity riding the chairlift. I didn't think that was fair. I lobbied that the immortals just had to ski forever, not ever leaving the ski hill (unless the lifts closed or warmer weather arrived). She agreed and so there were not miniature immortals riding the chairlift down.

Suffice to say we're all hoping for an early start to this year's ski season.

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