Friday, November 9, 2012

Daughter's Self-Reflections

Today was the day I had to review my daughter's folder of homework. One of her assignments was to write random things about herself that reflected her personality. That she did!

Randomesticated Me!

Indecision is what I suffer from.
I say you can make your own sandwich!
I have made sandwiches (unwillingly).
I have touched a bald head.
Never would I want to summit Mt. Everest.
When in my Martial Arts uniform, I feel invincible.
Don't bake me a casserole unless it's a dessert.
I accidentally spilled red Gatorade in my mom's polka dot purse in the middle of Jerusalem.
I have experienced writer's block.
It's hard for me to reflect because I live in the present.
If I try to be at peace, all of the things I need to do are at the top of my mind, and vice versa.
Should I ride in the black car or the red car?
Instead of an imaginary friend, I had an imaginary enemy named Flangus.
According to others, I am very entertaining and can tell quite a joke, for what it's worth.
If you ask, I will answer.
You oppose me?! Tell that to Martial Arts me!
My lifelong goal is to read all the stories in the world.
If I told you everything, you still wouldn't understand.
I will not go down without a fight!
Don't say I'm destined for it; I already have it.

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