Monday, November 26, 2012

Big Wisdom Learned Over the Weekend

Schwarma gets us more excited than the above pictured, but then again we don't often (successfully) defend against aliens from another dimension hell-bent on our ruination.

Here's the big fun -- if you have the DVD of the movie "The Avengers," let it play through the eight minutes of final credits.

In the movie the character Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, invites all of his comrades to try schwarma after he falls hard to earth after heroically diverting a nuclear warhead into the mothership of rapacious aliens.

Everyone is relieved Tony has survived, but the extra scene does not reveal heroes celebrating good triumphing over evil with fine food and drink. They look like they lost a bet and are having to pay. This is a disservice to a delicious dining experience!

The rotating log of schwarma is clearly visible over Thor's left shoulder.

Schwarma should never be a punchline, so please write emails of complaint to the National Schwarma Council.

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