Thursday, June 7, 2012

What the Kids Are Laughing At

This joke played well for the fourth-grade set.

The main laugh riot that occurred yesterday was the wife’s snack habits gone awry. The wife spilled some granola on a counter top and brusquely swept up the escaped nuggets in her hand and popped them into mouth.

A moment later she exclaimed, “I broke a tooth!” only to realize she had swept our daughter’s recently lost baby tooth into her hand when she scooped up the spilled granola (yes, we live in Portland, OR and eat granola!).

One of these things is not like the other: peanuts and the tooth reenact the comic ground zero.
Reliving the granola-tooth thing this morning we reminisced over other classics, like when the wife walked out of the pantry one morning carrying cheddar bunnies instead of her cereal. The kicker was that our son told his first-grade class and such was a huge comic success as several of the students repeated it to my wife with unabashed merriment.

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