Monday, June 11, 2012

More Than You Wanted to Know - Sunday Night in Portland

Saturday we watched the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic's criterium.
Sunday nights in America. The family has done some activities over the weekend, eaten dinner, and now wants to plop down in front of the TV and enjoy some fine entertainment. How do we do it here at Portdaddia HQ?

Very carefully, with lots of screaming, eye rolling, grunting and loud noises.

The rules: We must watch “Modern Family” together, as a family. If a member of the family (myself included)  has lost the privilege of screen time then this show may not be viewed. All children must be in pajamas with brushed teeth before viewing.

This show delivers the goods! High-tech computer animation, a compelling narrative, and massive beasts devouring each other. 

So it was agreed Sunday we would watch a “Modern Family” episode. However, the kids needed to take showers in addition to the other stipulations. Our son insisted he would take the first shower. I then turned on “Walking With Prehistoric Beasts,” a show about the animals that came after the dinosaurs, to cover the shower time. The kid started screaming that this was his favorite show. In the name of hygiene I turned it off.

My daughter saw her opportunity and wanted to watch “Family Guy” in the interim.

We got through about 90 seconds of that show before the kid ran into the family room, sort of dry and carrying all his clothes, worried he would miss something excellent. After he dressed my wife busted him for putting his week-old underpants back on, as well as his street clothes. With the leverage of television, he ran back upstairs and actually complied with regulation.  

The daughter takes more time in the shower, but she, too, had her demands – no viewing “Family Guy” or “Walking With Prehistoric Beasts.” Fine. So we watched about 15 minutes of the discovery channel’s Everest program.

Finally, all kids had achieved the greeting-card ideal of hygiene and sleepwear and we were able to enjoy some saber-toothed cats and mammoths and then “Modern Family.”

All in all a good Sunday.

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