Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More sleeping bag weirdness

The app of crap: My daughter found this potty training with Elmo app and has been using it as a punchline for good effect.
Today our son came into the bedroom at 5:30 am and announced he wanted to get in bed with us. My role in these matters is to remain silent, as my wife insists that only she is qualified to handle such situations.

“Okay,” my wife says, “go get your sleeping bag.” I think she intended for him to sleep on the floor, but he had other ideas.

He returned to the room, dropped the sleeping bag on the floor, and got in bed with us. My wife politely moved over to make room for him. He then proceeded to keep us awake until the alarm went off.

“Give me your iPod,” I said as I got up. “You have achieved a code 7 loss of screen time which shall be in place for a duration I deem appropriate.” Well, maybe I didn’t use those exact words, but that was the gist of it.

The kid wasn’t too upset by this as it was Pajama Day in the first grade and he would be wearing his Clone War favorites.

Peaks and valleys
I have two kids and have noted bad behavior comes in a streak. This morning’s acting out is only the freshest detail in a long list. Lucky for me that one kid’s delinquency often promotes obedience in the other.

For me the kicker is the sleeping bag. Usually the kid would say “nightmare” with the flat tones of a weary commuter punching in at the office, doing the bare minimum to get on with the task at hand. Now he has to drag the sleeping bag into the room before he can do as he pleases.

Maybe the kid is a comic genius, but until this is verified I am forced to continue to leave bed-admission decisions to the expert.  

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