Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eating Fast and Furious

Babys' got to eat.

This is “Meat Week” on NPR and I have been enjoying the different broadcast segments about America’s dietary habits.

Despite living in the People’s Republic of Portland, we are not raw-food vegans, far from it – we are committed omnivores from our marinated flank steak to pepperoni pizza. Still, we have followed national trends and are eating less meat.

I am the primary food preparer in our family. And as such I like to keep a few Get-Out-of-Jail-Free meals in the refrigerator – meals that are easily and quickly prepared and can be kept in readiness for long periods of time.

Of course hot dogs fit this bill, as both the bun and dog can be kept in suspended animation indefinitely in the freezer. But recently I have been relying on Smart Ground Mexican Style textured vegetable protein.
Product placement. Yeah, whatever.

Throw it on a tortilla with beans and the usual toppings, or on chips for nachos. Tastes good, bumps up the protein content, zero saturated fat, kids like it, boyah!

Extra love: wife likes it as this 15-minute meal usually remains vegetarian.

Also, given that just about anything can be incorporated into burritos and nachos, small containers of leftovers often get incorporated – sucked into the bean pot as if by the psychokinetic powers of vegetarians everywhere.

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