Friday, June 8, 2012

Sleeping Bag Descending a Staircase

The sleeping bag craze has not abated, but this is good as it shows the kids are getting excited about camping in a few weeks.

I’ve done my best to discourage sleeping bags worn as clothing, but was alerted to the fun of the practice by my daughter. In the video she demonstrates how she gets from upstairs to the dining table in a sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag-to-breakfast thing underscores the weirdness of our morning ritual. I wake up both kids before I make breakfast with the misplaced hope the kids will use this time to put on clothes.

After being awoken our son, who is seven, goes and gets in bed with my wife and plays on his iPod until he is called to breakfast. The 10-year-old usually sleeps until breakfast is called. She recently stopped getting in bed with my wife.

Although the morning “snuggle” is usually anything but, my wife defends this practice – I suspect it is a sentimental link to the preschool stage when the kid wanted some mommy love and wasn’t on the iPod.

This morning was a good one, the older kid actually dressed for breakfast and the younger one didn’t wear a sleeping bag. However, his breakfast reverie was challenged and he had to return upstairs again, not to get dressed, but to put on warmer pajamas. The equation is thus: the greater time a kid is in pajamas, the happier he/she will be.  

The kid wanted to share the following points on his pajamas and life in this video.

Typically I get out of bed and put on the clothes I will wear that day. I’m curious if or when such slavish devotion to efficiency will take root with these whacky kids.

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