Monday, June 16, 2014

Why Windsurfing Is A True Reflection Of The Way Things Actually Are

This snap occurred at the "Hatchery" in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the finest windsurfing spots in the world.
I like to windsurf and have been attempting to do so for the better part of this past decade. The sport suits me, as there are some unbending traditions that appeal to my inner-idiot.

For instance, the main tradition, or rule, is that when one arrives at a windsurfing beach he/she is required to walk around to the others with gear on the ground or on their cars, asking, "What you gonna rig?" This refers to the size of sail.

Although you are already at the sailing spot when you ask this question, it still is a tricky one as gusts and lulls, clouds, bird activity, sun sports, last night's discussion about the kids' carbon footprint, and futon management all affect the sail size.

My kraziness in this regard is that I know what sail I want to use. I just want confirmation of my bad choice. So if I don't find someone who agrees with my thinking of sail size, I'll keep asking until my erroneous judgement is confirmed.

I've been around long enough, and been forced to watch enough Fox News, to know that this is the way of political discourse in the US. This is called confirmation bias and it feels great.

Perhaps this is why windsurfing is such an awesome sport. Stoke!


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