Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kids Try Skateboarding -- Love At First Sight!

Daddies was the board shop of choice. They did not steer us wrong.
For the past week the kids have been bugging me for a skateboard. I have only waited 12 years for this! 

I've thought for a long time what a great thing it would be to grow up in a world with so many refined, and technologically developed, freestyle sports. Somehow the kids never wanted to try skateboarding, feeling it was too difficult or dangerous.

As today was no school, we went shopping, driving to Daddies in North Portland. A terrific young woman (Marissa?) helped us part together an awesome board. Furthering the excitement, a sponsored rider and employee entered the store with a broken board, nonchalantly explaining how one goes about breaking the industructable.

Without further ado we jumped back into the car and headed for a flat slab of concrete. A beautiful day for excellent adventure.

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