Thursday, June 26, 2014

Decency And Humanity Alive And Well At The Ministry Of The Interior

The Ministry of Interior should be renamed Ministry Of Very Much Alright  – I am losing my fear of this place.

One of the tasks we needed to do yesterday was go to the Ministry of Interior to deal with documents.

I was dreading this, as nothing exposes my struggle with language more so than the bureaucratic forms and manner of this office. So we arrived with the support of the sister-in-law, who blithely dismissed my concerns that we would be trapped in an insufferable loop of documents and permissions.

Back in the day I used to wait hours here, only to be sent back in line for not having the right form by an irate clerk.

The young woman who helped us yesterday was pleasant and even cracked a few smiles. Problem? No problem!

Afterwards a celebration was in order so we went to a restaurant.

Before this moment I would have said that the possibility of change for the better for this embedded government function was as immovable as the Rock of Gibraltar, yet progress has occurred.

Perhaps this example bodes well for a negotiated solution for peace with the Palestinians. One can hope

Tapu-gezer, orange and carrot juice, a suitable reward for getting something done.

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