Thursday, June 19, 2014

End Of School 3rd Grade Projects: Hampsters, NFL History, Beyoncé

Our third-grade guy did a history of video games: part 1 and part 2
What are third graders interested in? More like, what are they not interested in?

The teacher opened up the final project to whatever the hell the kids wanted to know more about. There were kiwi and manatee reports, Abraham Lincoln mixing it up with Michelle Obama, while the histories of the NFL and video games were on display.

Part of the excellence of this had to do with the straight-forward nature of third graders. Most of the kids presented their topics with the attitude that they had chosen the most interesting subject possible.

I learned something about the Italian sports car maker Bugoti, the Trois Vallee ski resort, as well as the Bald Eagle.

The kids had to write a report then create a visual presentation. This could be a poster, a movie, a slideshow, or anything else they wanted to make. Lots of iMovie trailers and video work with class iPads. The range of seriousness, complexity, and technical prowess was vast and exhilarating.

The third grade had been a rocky road for my guy, so I was happy he was so excited about his project.
This was the high note I had been hoping for in which to end this year on a good note.

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