Friday, January 10, 2014

Tea Is My Beverage - Deal With It!

Delicious as well as allowing the possibility of clairvoyance.
Due to the random happenstance of this universe tea is my main beverage. Like most people who consume something habitually, I have developed strong preferences for how I like my brew.

For instance, loose leaf tea generally has a fuller, more robust flavor than the cut-up tea found in tea bags. To get the full flavor of a loose-leaf tea a teapot is usually necessary.

So right there is the unique proposition, for even if I go to a fine dining establishment I most likely will have only an ordinary tea experience. So I can go to a specialty tea cafe or perhaps to the Chinese Garden for a true brew, but otherwise, I just have to settle.

Further making me an insufferable pontificator of the tea persuasion is that some of the finest teas in the world work out to just pennies a cup when purchased from a normal vendor and not some mall foofy gift-mart.

All to say that I'm just rationalizing why I stay inside a lot and write blog posts.

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