Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Technology Review Post - Keys and High Falutin' Snark

I didn't believe key duplication would work so I photographed the customer service number.

Two bit of technology have made my life different, if not easier. The first is a vending machine in a local grocery store that duplicates keys. It worked, `nuff said.

The second is Textgrabber which I use on my iphone. I take a picture of text I like and the app "reads" it and translates it into text -- it also will translate into other languages (I hope to try Ukrainian soon!). I then email it to myself and can then use the text for nefarious purposes without having to type it in myself.

The word recognition works pretty well and it will aid me in my plagiarism. I humbly admit that all the good stuff comes from others. Run the software, you'll see.

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