Friday, January 24, 2014

Report From The Breakfast Table -- All May Be Too Well

Not your ordinary dog: The kids now demand specialty frankfurters.

The little ones are growing up! How can I tell? Simple. 

They now will eat such things on their bagels as they never before would entertain, such as cream cheese and various forms of preserved fish. 

Before the son would only eat a toasted bagel dry à la Jake Elwood, a reference for those of us of a certain age, while the daughter would have a smidgen of butter and nothing else.

True, tortilla bake is still a punch line, but meat sauce on pasta is slowly supplanting the ubiquitous butter and cheese.

I suppose the nightmare scenario will be when the kids become such epicures that they will have issues with all dishes of my preparation. Dad, you’re supposed to serve the Fromager d'Affinois at room temperature, and paring it with apples and soda water is beyond ridiculous, you ignorant old fool!

I do count my blessings that I can still get away with making hot dogs for dinner every once in a while (as long as they’re Olympic Provisions specialty frankfurters).

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