Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Further Reflections And Video Of Comic Con Portland

Artist Chris Hamer created this stylized image based on the Bioshock game

This past Sunday we went to Portland’s Wizard World, a localized Comic Con, where the entertainment is to walk around and appreciate creativity.

I admit it took a while for me to fall under the enchantment of the whole thing, as each ticket was $50 (the nine-year-old was free), but very little schwag or public displays to warrant such a high entry price. The entertainment was generated by the attendees and the vendors.

There were some interesting artists using motifs of characters from video games, sci fi and horror shows, and comic culture. Many of the arts and crafts people did the 30-show circuit and appeared to be a hardworking lot.

At the end of our day I had to admit that we had a blast, the kids geeking out on a few cast members from “The Walking Dead” (photos $20, autographs $30, “Hellos” free). 

I worried I would be the only middle-aged guy there – not an issue by a long shot.

I had the urge to consider a costume for next year, but it evaporated by the time the car pulled into the driveway. 

For me the best part was to ask random people if I couldtake his/her picture and never be refused – such were proud to be noticed. A few more editorial thoughts ended up in the video:

Message Approved

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