Friday, January 3, 2014

Multicultural Food Rampage Continues With Kids Demanding Indian

Snaps from Vietnamese night, a new favorite.
Both kids are firmly behind the idea of the multicultural food rampage.

A few night ago we had the opportunity to eat out and both kids demanded we try Indian food. Papadums with chutney, samosas, chicken tikka and lamb curry were all tried with nary a peep of protest.

I am thrilled the kids are interested in trying new food in restaurants. The home continues to be a challenge as the food is served not by a waiter in uniform but rather by Old Bloggypants, an affectionate nickname for the cook.

Said cook continues to bedevil the kids with such dishes as "Tortilla Bake" which is mighty tasty but as the kids won't try it they will never know.

Perhaps if I dump a whole bunch of ethnic on the Tortilla Bake it will become a hit.

I'll tell them the dish is the newest taste from Kharkeez or Whackistan.

Bon appetite! 

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