Monday, October 7, 2013

We Want To Be Famous!

A still picture from our star vehicle.
Do we want to be famous? Of course we do.

An actual producer of a television show surfed YouTube and found our spit take videos, both this one as well as this.

I know what your thinking, that this "producer" wants my credit card number and has requested I wire all available money overseas to save a Nigerian princess held captive. To prove that the show this person represented was real she sent me this clip.

The show is called "Guinness World Records Unleashed" (previously "Guinness World Records Gone Wild"). 

After I sent the footage of the spit takes and signed the release forms the producer told me that based on our family's moxie that we could submit a longer piece of the four of us spit-taking. 

As we are all in rock-solid belief that any video we appeared in would not only be aired but also catapult us to stardom, we all wholeheartedly agreed to produce another video.

Below is the director's cut.

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