Friday, October 25, 2013

Geeking Out On The Feng Shui Of Sporting Goods

Although this board is firmly attached to the car, the upturning of its contours are in contrast to the lines of the roof -- bad auto feng shui. 

I like geeking out to sporting goods, especially surf-type boards of any ilk, bicycles, and skis. I'm not to the point where I fill all empty space with these things, but I have a few of each.

When I'm busy I like to be sanctimonious and say how the fetishization of each and every part of a bicycle diminishes the simple joy of just jumping on the thing and riding down the road.

Despite such bold declarations, when I actually get a chance to do these activities I'm unabashedly a celebrant and critic of the minutiae. Also, my family has seen me pause more than a few times outside the bike store window to ogle the merchandise.

I also like the look of an automobile with sporting goods on the roof rack. That is assuming the driver has put the stuff up there in an elegant manner.

The above picture is from this summer. I put the board on the roof with the fin pointing down because the board was awkward to move and we weren't driving all that far. I realize my mistake and promise that it won't happen again, unless it's absolutely necessary.

It's Friday and I've got nothing -- enjoy the weekend!

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