Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Productivity Center, Sort Of

The Productivity Center is, oddly enough, a productive place.
Now that the daughter is in the thralls of sixth grade certain patterns are taking shape. No more roving homework stations, instead we have the Productivity Center (actually the dining room).

We are like many families in that we usually chow down in less formal circumstances, leaving a big table in another room clean and ready for exciting homework action.

The daughter spreads out her books while I sit close by ready to lend assistance. Unfortunately there have been too many examples of me over-complicating things, especially math. But then again, I'm not supposed to be present -- homework is supposed to be the teacher's insight as to what the kid has absorbed in class.

My contribution, if in fact I'm any influence at all, is to try and teach process. I'm hoping that I can help install a relaxed patience which lends itself to doing stuff adequately, sort of. 

Nothing like a pushy parent demanding perfection!


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