Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dad Gets Into Zombies In Spite Of Himself

A good time playing "Walking Dead" outside.
I pride myself at being a "hands on" dad. I like to see what the kids are up to, what they're all about.

Usually this means asking them how was school and nodding earnestly when they mutter "fine."

For the last six months zombies have figured strongly into casual discussion as the little nippers have worked themselves through the series "Walking Dead." The older one is reading the novel "World War Z" and we all saw the movie.

To glimpse into this world, I also read "World War Z" and began watching "Walking Dead." Two great cultural products, although the later is perhaps a tad overly melodramatic. But both bring on the weapons and walkers with aplomb and abandon.

My appreciation of zombies lead to an earnest discussion with my daughter why the M1 carbine would not be the best choice of firearm for the zombie apocalypse. Other good moments have included serious discussions about scavenging food versus growing it.

Delicious steak or result of zombie attack?
 My daughter complains that in her class there aren't any other students who are into zombies. I can tell her with absolute certainty that when she gets to high school this will not be a problem.

Until then she will have me and the rest of the gang to watch "Walking Dead" with -- I can't wait.

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