Friday, October 11, 2013

Cool Authenticity Or Vapid Poserdom?

Time to replace the sandals?
When I was in college I was concerned about authenticity - meaning that I wanted my clothes, attitudes, and general existence to reflect a careful consideration borne of research and experience. Clothing well-worn, preferably by me, was held in high regard.

The opposite was being a poser - someone who lacked such careful consideration and quickly acquired the attitudes and clothes without the required period of apprenticeship or idiocy so prized by me at the time.

Now that I'm middle-aged I can be so authentic as to appear homeless. So the pressure is to update clothing and attitudes so I don't look or sound so shabby.

I remember hanging out with friends years ago and remarking on another's good fortune. "Yeah but he's probably wearing yellow-pitted undershirts and saggy briefs," a friend said, trying to alleviate envy by pointing out that despite this person's great success he had neglected an important element of personal attire - one that we would never overlook. This was the theory, in the practical sense I don't know if it holds.

I confess the disease of attitude made me dress weird, but now I dress worse. Worse in that I generally wear clothes in good condition, but lacking in careful consideration.

I'd like to think my thoughts are authentic - but I suspect I am a poser. So much the better, life is lighter this way.

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