Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pokemon Fever Outbreak

Like any serious collection, the cards must be stored and curated in an appropriate manner.
We first had an outbreak of Pokemon Fever when my daughter was around five-years-old (she's currently 10). We bought her some related toys and books, let her watch the shows, and sat through a few of her "lectures" on the ways of the Pokemon.

This interest faded after a few months, but recently has ignited.

This time around both my son (7) and my daughter are getting a bit crazed about the trading cards. Apparently the school they attend has an active trading environment.

My daughter is a bit more reserved this time around about the excellence of the Pokemon, saying she likes the cards solely for their depiction of cute little creatures. Out of the mouths of babes.

In a stark reversal of roles, the kids gather knowledge and cards, conducting themselves with seriousness and resolve, while their immature parents laugh at Pokemon Turtwig, mispronouncing the name and pretending such would be vile to step in, all the while sniggering like third-graders. We are undone! (again)

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