Friday, September 14, 2012

Names of Stuffed Animals

1) Super Penguin
2) Booey
3) Sargent Schwarma
4) Black Feathers
5) Benjamin 
6) Sockko
7) Blue Feathers
8) Cottontail
9) Yellow Feathers
10) Commander Cuddleypants
(Sleepy Bear is not pictured) 

The above are my son's A-list animals. He has others but they didn't make the cut and reside in other parts of the room.

My son is seven-years-old and has diverse interests such as martial arts and science fiction -- alert viewers will notice the Star Wars bed sheets. Still his animals are extremely important to him and they accompany him on long car rides, sleepovers, camping and the like.

At times his attachments have caused our household inconvenience as a meltdown regarding a MIA is both vocal and enduring. Still when I wake him up in the morning he usually has one clutched tight in his embrace. When he outgrows his animals the day will be bittersweet.

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