Friday, September 21, 2012

Pizza as Change Agent for Veggies

The above artisanal pizza, created in-house by neurotic Chef Whack, contains kalamata olives, red onion and  kale.
Much the way "Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists" celebrates ham, our household feels the same about   pizza.

Often when the kids are coming home from an activity they will phone and ask what's for dinner, needing the extra time to adjust to the possibility the fare won't be to their liking.  I usually save pizza for Fridays or the weekends to finish the week on a high note.

As I make the pizza myself I can include any topping I choose. I typically make two pizzas, one pepperoni for the kids and LSS, and one with vegetables for myself.

Part of the excellence of pizza is that for the true believers (all of us) the leftovers can be eaten cold or heated and for any meal or snack, including breakfast.

Obviously the pepperoni pizza is the first to be eaten. Although it has taken a year, my son will now eat the vegetable pizza should no other option be available. The power of pizza as an agent of change!

I will keep readers posted to when my daughter finally succumbs and accepts the universal truth: pizza without one's favorite topping is still better than no pizza at all. In the past she has carefully picked the veggies off the pizza, but I predict in the next 15 years the war against vegetables should end.

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