Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids In Bed

A child achieves the elusive dream of being able to be in the parental bed (a mother is underneath this child).
Kids spend plenty of energy trying to finagle, connive, launch themselves into the bed of their parents. Why? I suppose this is where they think the action is. If by "action" they mean sleep, dowdy pajamas and NPR then they would be correct.

But both kids have clock radios in their rooms and the offer is always open for them to consume as much NPR as they would like, so the value of getting into the bed is more abstract. The seven-year-old continues to appeal to the heartstrings of LSS in the small hours, believing the deadpanned word "nightmare" should get him an all-access pass. Thankfully we have moved on even if he has not.

But for those of you who wonder why I am so against these cute-pajama-clad ragamuffins cutting a few Zs with LSS and myself, consder:

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