Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Sartorial note: the most ridiculous thing he's heard of is wearing long sleeves with short pants.

Big day for new fashion direction.
Last night the daughter came into our darkened room to report that she was too excited to sleep. The new outfit had been laid out on the floor, the supplies organized, but sleep was elusive. "Don't worry about sleeping or not sleeping, just rest. In your room. Yes, now," I said.

I keep thinking I'm letting my kids down. There should be some elaborate protocol when "not able to sleep" is declared. Perhaps they're hoping I'll say, "Why don't you turn on the TV and watch all the movies you want until drowsiness overtakes you. Then I'll gently carry you to bed." Not likely.

A better parent would fix a mug of warm milk (for the child) while chanting koans modified to reflect a variety of whimsical subjects (iPhones!).

A musical parent would break out the harpsichord and sing a lullaby Garcia himself would be proud of.

Portdaddia isn't a sit-on-his-hands sort of guy. In the clear light of day he makes a blog post, feeling that smug self-reflection gets him off the hook. Also, our harpsichord was revoked on grounds of moral turpitude.

Enjoy the following video of the first morning of the school year. 

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