Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plastic Laundry Tub Continues To Serve Its Purpose

Stealth and concealment are the properties of one seven-year-old would-be galactic space ninja. 
A very early memory involves my parents taking me to a nearby park during the Minnesota winter where a section had been flooded to form a small skating rink. Placing me on top of an overturned laundry tub similar to the one above they gave me the ride of my (four-year?) life.

I'm always happy to see creative play, but having an overturned laundry tub creeping around the house was a special treat.

The re-purposing of everyday objects, for play or utility, always fills me with a sense of satisfaction. Part of this feeling has to do with the never-ending fight against being swallowed up by clutter. If we can more efficiently use what we have there won't be piles of crap everywhere, or so my theory goes.

I hope to pass this sentiment on to the kids without being too overbearing, but, hey, we live in Portland so such comes with the territory. 

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