Sunday, December 8, 2019

The End Of The Year Joy - Furnace Filter Replacement!

I used to clean the gutters of our two-story house. I felt like a real do-it-yourself guy as I gingerly climbed to the top of a 25-foot ladder that bounced and flexed under my weight.

I gave that up when I turned 50 and I haven't ever regretted not falling.

So now I have to look around a bit harder to receive that surge of joyous self-reliance I used to get from the gutters.

Lucky for me each year I can replace the furnace filter, a process that involves a step ladder of a modest height. I finish the job in about 5 minutes and then run to the computer and write a blog post so as to share the experience with the internet.

All is good, our air is filtered, the furnace continues to work properly.


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