Monday, March 17, 2014

Yet More Permutations Of Zombie Culture

The uncolored pen and ink offers a stark aesthetic appropriate for the apocalypse.

The kids are now reading Walking Dead comic book compendiums as we are caught up on the TV show and only one show a week is released.

The comics are cinematic and plenty gory, lest one worry about the content being watered down or deficient in all that makes the careful celebration of zombies worthwhile.

The comics even offer some directions that the television series has not capitalized on, such as cannibalism. Albeit cannibalism suffused with a dry wit.

On other fronts, I’ve begun shooting Nazi zombies with my son on Black Ops. Our favorite map is Kino Der Toten (Theatre of the Dead). 

I suppose the obvious question is: Have I completely lost my mind? Probably. But man it’s fun shooting video zombies with the M-1 carbine.

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