Monday, March 10, 2014

My OCD And Snack Food

The kids just eat the chocolate and ignore the rest - am I doing anything for nutrition with this?
I hold steadfast to the belief that it is wrong to selectively pick out the chocolate from trail mix if the supply is to be eaten by several people.

To condone this behavior is to invite a rush to grab the trail mix bag and gorge on the chocolate lest someone else get there first and eat all the chocolate which you should be eating all of.

My solution on camping trips and other excursions is to give each member of the expedition her/his own bag of trail mix. Each individual can then set the pace of consumption to her/his liking.

And yes I do count out the units of chocolate so as to avoid argument.

I can't say if I've done anything for nutrition or outdoor adventure except highlight my own nuttiness.

But at least this way I can be assured of a few M&Ms when I need a snack.

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