Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Does Face Painting Lead To Tatoos And Piercings?

Only time will tell.

Can any parent imagine a kid carnival without face painting? Such activity apparently is enshrined in law for I have not attended any kid-oriented event without it. I suspect only the threat of incarceration would result in such total and unequivocal compliance.

For the record I am a committed supporter of face painting. However, I realize that by making public this support I forfeit any right to complain about overly tattooed or pierced young people for the next 12 years.

Only after this period has elapsed do I regain full rights to carry on about whatever.  I figure once my youngest is 21 I am technically done with parenting and can assume my role as codger.

How can we as parents have our kids faces painted, often and with bright colors and designs, then complain when said kid gets some cool tats at college? Or when someone else's kids serve us delicious food.

I will resist the urge.

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