Friday, March 21, 2014

Rocky II Continues To Enchant Kids: I Am Shameless

Burgess Meridith, who played Mickey, really delivered the goods. I'm serious. Check it out.
The nine-year-old enjoyed watching "Rocky" and tonight watched "Rocky II".

I watched also, trying to view the film ironically. The twelve-year-old also gave her best shot at ironically appreciating the film, noting the synthesizers on the soundtrack and the predictable start of the training montage. Despite our noble intent, we got sucked into the movie like the country rubes we are, feeling great when Rocky wins the championship.

The theme is now playing in my head as I imagine future feats of giving it my all and triumphing.

I don't know that the films conveys much about boxing, but overcoming-adversity-despite-all-odds continues to enthrall. Americans love the underdog and the character development part of the movie does a good job of showing Rocky as a lovable palooka.

I saw the first "Rocky" film with my mom when I was around 11 years-old in 1976. After we left the theater I remember she suggested we run to the car, she, too, having been caught up in the adrenalin rush of the film.

I look forward to watching this film with my grand-kids one day, perhaps by then the irony gene will have bred truer and they will be able to crack wise and resist this film's manipulation. But I hope not.

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