Monday, February 22, 2021

Food Apps

The various food delivery/pickup apps have changed the way our teenager eats (me as well, but less so).

No longer is the menu just pizza and a few other items engineered for takeout or delivery. Fancy food, such as sushi or bistro meals, can be sourced through these apps.

This isn’t necessarily a win for restaurants, who sometimes have to let the apps take as much as 30% of the tab, not leaving much margin.

The other night I booted up the Google food app “Postmates” and found what I thought was a fast-food restaurant selling spicy chicken sandwiches. When I arrived to pick up the food, I realized the venue was a food cart in an unused parking lot.

The sandwich was as good as one could expect, and the price was reasonable. I was happy the app introduced me to a new business near my house but wondered if the food cart had diverted me from spending money at an establishment restaurant which might have been more deserving.

Will the food app craze last? Will pandemic last until 2023? Who am I, really?

Time to just eat my food and move on.

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