Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Therapy Cat: The Journey Continues

Last night during our pre-sleep, relax-in-bed time, the therapy cat climbed between the top sheet and the comforter.

At first, we thought he was playing and moved our toes tentatively. Soon we realized by hearing his contented purring that he had found a comfortable place.

After a while we worried he was going to asphyxiate, or had lost his bearings – none of which proved to be accurate. The guy apparently had found a good place to hang out and wasn’t going anywhere.

After a while he slipped out the bottom of the bed and left the room.

This got my wife to thinking that perhaps we had been underestimating the intelligence of the therapy cat and should launch the bold experiment of granting him access to our sleep chamber throughout the night.

Our usual protocol is that the cat is banished from the room until my alarm goes off at 6:00 am. The cat then hears the alarm and starts meowing to be let in. I get up and open the door, so the cat may enter and pester my wife for food. I want my wife to have the enjoyable experience of being woken by a friendly, albeit hungry, therapy cat.

I agreed to allow the cat all-night access to the bedroom to see if he would wait until after NPR sounded on the clock-radio before pestering us for food.

The result: The cat entered the room at 5:30 am, walked over us a few times, before settling in at the foot of the bed until a bit after 6:00 am. We all listened to two or three news stories of a political nature before the cat began to poke my wife in earnest.

Not sure what this bodes for the future but once again the therapy cat is using his unique skills to tweak our lives.  



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