Thursday, February 11, 2021

COVID Cases In Oregon Continue to Decline

Multnomah County is experiencing the lowest COVID rates this year, with 12 cases per 100K of population, reported the NYT.

I understand this may be because of the seasonality of the virus and not because people are taking precautions or that a significant percent of the population has been immunized. We are a ways out from the holidays which were spreader events.

For daily map-watchers, Multnomah county is almost in the lightest map shade, indicating few COVID cases. This is superficial but energizing just the same.

I write this in a rare snowfall in Portland. For the record, I am ready for something else other than cold, dark pandemic. Airy, light, warm Spring pandemic is more like it!

I will hold the fort as long as it takes. Can't fault a guy for hoping for better days.

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