Friday, November 27, 2020

Why the Internet Sucks

Every seven days I get on average 1.5K views of my blog. This is an astounding number given the irregular posts and paucity of quality content. Who the hell would read this?

When one digs into the stats a bit more, checking out the referring sites, the picture becomes less rosy.

I assume that hits from these specific sites, used by actual people, are the true number -- only 116 brave souls checked out Portdaddia in the last seven days. The remaining 1,524 hits are likely from bots that crawl the internet looking for spam opportunities or other weaknesses to take advantage. Around 1,116 hits come unattributed from China.

I enjoy the connection with actual people blogging provides. For years my mother responded (by email, because she couldn't figure out the comment section) to most posts until her Alzheimer's overwhelmed her. Other friends and family glance at the blog from time to time to see what current delusions I suffer under.

These statistics are another reminder that the main purpose of the internet is for commerce. My life is improved with modern communication technologies but it's good to keep in mind that AI is constantly scanning us. 

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