Monday, November 16, 2020

COVID Cases Leap Up In Portland But Are Low By National Standards


The above map shows the hot spots for COVID cases, the West Coast not being a significant red zone.

In Portland, Multnomah County, the map shows 23 cases per 100k people. Red zones generally have over 100 cases.

Our cases numbers have doubled in two weeks’ time, with a major holiday coming up, so things are not trending well. This latest bump in cases is partially attributable to Halloween and the inability of Americans to forgo parties and practice social distancing, another factor making Thanksgiving a harbinger of further increases of the virus.

Starting for a month Wednesday, gyms, restaurants, bars, will be closed, except for takeout service. Other business will be affected as well. 

Time to watch more TV and hope for better. We will get through this. Good news about another company making a vaccine today.

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