Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More Comments About Photography

 All my life I have enjoyed photography. In the early years I was the guy who knew about the various controls of a camera and the different types of films.

Once digital entered my life, all that knowledge went the way of my high school French -- a few words here and there, but generally useless.

My phone takes great pictures, and I can do all kinds of things to the image long after I take the snap, mooting any need of knowledge about shutter speed or aperture.

Sure, the realm of the photographer is now invaded by, well, everybody, but so what. The inexpensiveness of the process, the ability to tweak the image, and, perhaps most game-changing, the ability to use images for just about anything, both lofty and pedestrian.

I now take pictures of bike parts, so when I replace them I buy the right ones. I would never have done this with film. 

I can't claim secret knowledge, but I have more fun in the end.


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