Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Can This Still Be A Daddy Blog Now That Kids Older?

The kids are now 15 and 12, not exactly grown up, but certainly not in the first blush of childhood.

Gone are the days when I could film the kids without permission, and blog about whatever, knowing that they would just be happy to see the nice picture on the screen. To be fair, I didn't start the blog when they were that young. But I do miss the days when I would ask, "Want to make a video?" and always be answered in the affirmative.

Now we have two kids who are sophisticated consumers of media. So this blog might not be called a daddy blog, but a crusty old guy blog, if my daughter is to be believed.

High-level meeting of Portdaddia content committee.
If I take the current thinking on gender, that it is fluid and not absolute, and apply it to blog writing, I can continue to write whatever comes to mind, but with some high falutin' concepts to bolster my incoherence.

Works for me!


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