Thursday, March 9, 2017

Daughter Gets Learners Permit And I'm Okay About It, Sort Of

The daughter.

Today I drove the daughter from her high school to the DMV, where she passed the test to get her learner's permit.

Immediately she snapped a picture of the permit with her phone and sent it to friends, who congratulated her with a variety of emojis.

We then went driving, of course. We threaded our way through some tricky residential streets, went to the zoo, and came home. One driver honked at us, once we sort of went off the road, but otherwise a good first day.

I had some DMV literature to help coach me through the experience.

I wasn't so composed as this lady.
Part of the requirements include logging 50 hours of driving, the book having a section to record the practice.

We're already talking about the next time we go out!



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