Monday, March 13, 2017

This Is Oregon

There have been moments when I've been frustrated with my life, but few moments when I regretted living in Oregon. Always scenes like the one above restored my energy that everything was gong to turn out well.

Just have to laugh at the signage. I'm sure many have wandered into the bagel shop only to ask themselves why exactly they were there. When I bought my bagels the pot shop was closed, but the clerk noted me taking a picture and had to ask what my primary objective was.

This past weekend I took both kids to tour a camp of temporary houses. This was a revelatory experience for all of us as we saw people living life on the margins, realizing how small efforts can have big payoffs. The kids chose to come, too, which made me feel good.

No special story with this shot, other than I like it and it is in Oregon.


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