Monday, March 14, 2016

Powerful Display Of Faith At LAX Sends Important Message

How someone could leave a bag of potato chips so exposed, and have faith rewarded, motivates me to put more trust in humanity.

Returning the rental car at LAX I jumped into the shuttle and put my suitcase in the rack. Soon after a man entered with a few pieces of luggage, putting them on the upper shelf.

He unburdened the items in his arms on the luggage shelf, one of them a bag of potato chips.

There was room on the shelf for other people to plop down a heavy suitcase and plenty of other people boarding the shuttle.

Somehow no one set a bag even near the chips, a lady even remarking how such a fragile snack item could be left in a place where hasty luggage placement is the norm not the exception.

We arrived at Terminal 5 and the man gathered his gear and left the bus, chips intact.

I am covetous and protective of my snack food, to the extent that I shut out the beautiful possibilities of this world. I will learn from this and hopefully become a more enlightened person.

For academics and serious amateurs, on my flight to LA as I went through the TSA security check I forgot my roller bag at the inspection point, much the way I forgot my laptop on a different trip.

Something about having to put on shoes, wristwatch, find the phone -- basically reassemble myself as if I was dressing first thing in the morning again, means my brain shuts down completely.

For a long 90 seconds I walked away with a vague sense something was missing. Once again the question, "Am I totally insane?" was posed. I am happy I did not speak this question out loud.

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