Friday, March 11, 2016

Turbo Dismount Huge Hit With 11-year-old

The greater the damage one can inflict on the crash-test dummy, the more points one scores.
The son came into my room the other day, convinced he would show me a game so excellent, exciting, addictive, I would waste no time and immediately install it on my PC, phone, and laptop.

The game was Turbo Dismount, the object of which is to put a crash-test dummy on all manner of conveyance and launch it off/into a series of obstacles.

I have yet to install this on any device, but I immediately saw the appeal of this game. The connoisseurship of havoc is something 11-year-olds of generations past have cultivated.

In the game, after the crash has been created, the player can replay the event, moving the point of view to many different perspectives to truly appreciate the destruction.

I might be happier if the kid was super excited about, say, math, but this is the world I live in.

If anyone wants to see this game played, below is a video. For those who are jittery about public safety, viewer discretion is advised.

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