Monday, November 30, 2015

Old Guy Complains About Technology

This technically isn't me.
Today I tried to work remotely using the laptop. A fine idea, in theory.

The marvelousness of connectivity is only true if all your devices aren't vintage 2010 ready-for-the-museum as is my laptop.

When I'm calm I know that five years is an eternity in technology, but when in the thick of trying to get things done I believe that because I use so many browser-based apps that somehow I can cheat the five-year curse.

Adding to the confusion is Intel Futurist Steve Brown, who gave an exciting presentation about, well, the future in his estimation. In his video he explained that devices will become more like the fixed costs of service providers -- they want the device to stay the same so they can make money on the apps and services offered through the device. Thus the need for frequent replacement of the devices will diminish.

This makes sense as our alarm service provider fought like hell to avoid replacing the alarm console, as it gets its loot from monthly fees.

So in a fit of delirious optimism I felt that my devices had been blessed by the future and would no longer need to be replaced so often, as long as I continued to consume new computing services.

Unfortunately the laptop didn't get the memo.


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